Common Questions

Common Questions

I am often asked how much my cakes cost.
The reason I don't put a price on each cake is because the price depends on how large the cake needs to be.
Best answer I can give people is based on 3 main questions.

1.    How many people are being catered for?

2.    Is the cake being used as the dessert or as sample pieces for the guests.

3.    Will the top cake be kept for later or cut up.

Then we can determine the size the cake needs to be.

A couple of examples without keeing the top tier are:

2 Tier of 6 & 9"  will serve 40 desserts or 80 finger pieces and sells for $230.

3 Tier of 6,9,12" will serve 90 dessert or 180 finger pieces and sells for $470.

Those prices include the decorations unless there is a special ornament like a bride and groom etc which is extra.

Special designs need to be quoted on individually.